Our History

It All Began with ScanSee™

Roy Truitt’s aim to make post-high school education available to students that might not otherwise be able to afford it led him to found ScanSee. ScanSee’s initial product was a personalized mobile commerce app that combined the best of existing shopping apps at the time into one. Its innovative approach took the complexity out of shopping by delivering relevant and location-specific shopping information – product details, coupons, deals, rebates, discounts, and all kinds of other shopping information to local residents. It connected consumers, suppliers, and retailers in real-time.

As ScanSee continued to evolve, Roy listened to the feedback of the app’s users and they wanted more - a lot more! What if this application provided not only commerce information, but all relevant local information throughout my city? Things like local news, traffic, events, non-profits, a connection to city government, transportation options, local emergency information, a way for fans to find and interact with bands, and well, everything local.

ScanSee™ begat HubCiti™

Roy’s imagination took off. He came back to the drawing board with his team and built the HubCiti all-purpose mobile app in order to bring a city’s commerce and community together. Roy’s original mission, giving back to the city for scholarship funds, never wavered. The more the app is successful in your city, the more scholarship dollars you receive for higher education. It’s a win-win for the city and the community!


Discussions with UT Austin on how businesss can generate funds for post high school education


ScanSee was born in Dallas, TX


Delivered ScanSee consumer mobile app to market


Moved headquarters to Austin, TX & officially launched at SXSW.

Began beta retailer tests in local market


HubCiti programs were launched in several cities


HubCiti continues to launch multi-city newspaper, city government, chamber, and CVB apps in five regions of Texas and expanding in other states.