2 Creative Digital Marketing Ideas for News Publishers in 2017

With the end of the year on the horizon, it is time to think about effective digital marketing strategies for news publishers in 2017. Online consumers are savvy shoppers and will respond to creative use of digital media to grab their attention, meaning publishers need to up their marketing game to reflect those expectations. We’ll discuss two new trends that will attract audiences and create revenue growth opportunities in the coming year.

Live Video

Data shows video views on all platforms is on the rise. This year adults watched 5.5 hours of video per day online according to eMarketer. It is fair to say there is a mountain of video content for users to consume. How do you make video content stand out from the competition? Use the latest technology on social platforms to stream live video.

News is the third most popular type of content online after entertainment and music. What news publishers can do is identify stories appropriate for live video and broadcast across social channels that there will be live content displayed soon. Facebook has an option for live video as does YouTube. Both networks allow content producers to download their own content for use elsewhere. Other channels like Instagram are rolling out this feature soon.

The fact most streaming programming can be watched at any time, live streaming demands immediate attention from viewers. Facebook will alert followers when your publication is live streaming. This compliments your own updates that a live broadcast is coming.

Live video content can augment upcoming stories. Weather events, traffic incidents and local sports competitions are all relevant topics to a community newspaper that will garner viewers and sharing on social media, thus expanding your reach beyond your core audience. 92% of mobile video viewers share content with others according to Invodo. The opportunity for sponsored live streams runs as far as your marketing team’s imagination.

User Generated Content (UGC)

News publishers, particularly community newspapers are uniquely positioned as the local news source leader. Residents look to the paper both as a source of local news and a symbol of their community. Naturally they get excited when people they know appear in news stories or in the publication’s social feeds. This makes it easy to ask and convince users to submit their own content. Another benefit is that content is at no cost.

For example, a newspaper could ask users to submit photos of Friday evening football games, promising to publish or share on social the best images sent in. Another possibility is asking readers to send in their best photos of holiday pies. In this instance, local markets and bakeries make logical advertising partners and can even help spread the word about the promotion. They could even offer gift certificates and other incentives to convince readers to participate.

When a reader sees their images on social you can expect them to share those posts with their friends and family. A monthly promotion could mean your audience looks forward each month to the next opportunity to submit content.

Personalized Email

By personalized email we are not talking about the receiver’s name appearing at the top of the email although that is a good practice. Leveraging subscriber data to customize content is an effective way to make your message stand out in crowded inboxes. Publishers can track user data or ask subscribers to identify which news stories they are most interested in reading. This allows the paper to produce customized email content.

The blog platform Medium does this extremely effectively by asking new users to identify their interests upon registering. Emails sent to readers highlight content they are interested in first before recommending general interest stories. Newspapers can look intelligent by offering the same type of customized service to their subscribers while partnering with local advertisers.

Make 2017 your breakout year digitally at your publication by employing these and other cutting-edge methods to increase subscriber rates and your bottom line. Trying new, unconventional digital marketing tactics are a sure bet to attract attention.