Deliver Value. Promote Your Businesses. Be Mobile.

HubCiti is a city-branded, all-purpose mobile app that connects residents and visitors with everything they need and want to know about your city, including its businesses. Our app promotes local shopping by putting local businesses at the center of the app while adding a unique benefits to members of the Chamber of Commerce.


What does HubCiti do for chambers?

The first solution to lagging membership and attrition is reassessing how the Chamber provides value for its membership. Gone are the days when a business would join just because they are new to the area and need to make connections. Are the businesses in your city meeting customers where they are – on mobile? It helps to promote your members to everyone in the community. When you’re ready to promote your chamber's businesses on mobile, HubCiti is here to help.

Benefit For You & Businesses

Offer business owners a unique benefit of joining the chamber - personalized mobile AppSites™.

Be found – shop local. All businesses in your membership directly are listed within the app, increasing the visibility of local shops, restaurants, events and entertainment. By inviting members to participate in a profit-generating mobile and social commerce channel, they can enhance their visibility to residents and visitors. Companies can easily run specials, targeted promotions and gather market intelligence, ultimately expanding their businesses and your advertising revenue.

Increase visibility in the community. We create tailored content that differentiates chamber businesses from other similar businesses.

Offer targeted content. Members can easily run specials and target deals to those people looking for what your members sell; promote events that bring customers to local shops; members can be found from keywords and category searches.

You have a partner. You aren’t on your own – we help you every step of the way from creating your app, building AppSites, updates and promotion – we are your partner for success.

Future proof. The app is easily updated as your needs, your members and your community changes. Our services can help you make the transformation to digital without the upfront internal cost.

A Better Way to Build and Maintain Your Member’s Website:

Our software and services help your members a powerful web presence, quickly, easily and cost effectively.

Works everywhere. Responsive and scales across all devices seamlessly.

Connects to everything. Easily integrate with your social feeds, forms, reservations, audio, shopping carts and more.

Tailored to your needs. Developer tools to enhance the visual appearance and behaviors. It is a good compliment to your membership services you already provide.

Build a community. This app would not only be an outlet for your member businesses, but also helps you center your community around the Chamber. Create an immediate impact in your community.

Social Outreach that Works

Help your businesses build meaningful relationships across all relevant social platforms easily and effectively.

Right approach = Best results. We do the research to know who to target, when to target them and what to target them with.

Build social reach. Reach new customers and nurture loyalty with targeted social outreach.

Generate buzz. Great content is the heart of a good social conversation. We get to know your business to drive engagement.

Service and Support

Whether you are looking to get answers to a question or increase revenue for your businesses, HubCiti can help you.

Real people, real advice. We offer a wide range of services to manage, market, analyze and refine your digital marketing strategy that drive results; you are never alone.

Need help? Let our creative team design and launch your new digital programs.

Too busy? Let our digital experts manage your mobile app presences, website and social efforts, leaving you to do what you do best, run the Chamber.

Need analytics? Our products provide easy to read analytics to show what’s working and what isn’t so you can make informed decisions.

Unique benefits for members.