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HubCiti is a city-branded, mobile app that puts everything in your city in the palm of your hand. Find a restaurant for dinner, locate a roof repair company, and check your child’s after school activity calendar all in one app. HubCiti is here to help you.

Focusing on community engagement, HubCiti is a mobile real-time environment specifically designed to showcase your city to the world.


What does HubCiti do for a city like yours?

This platform is a hub, connecting to all sectors of commerce, business, tourism and people. By centralizing all city and business information, residents can easily connect to local shops, restaurants, nightlife, events, city information or request city services. Tourists and day-trippers will also appreciate easy access to all that your city has to offer, in an easy to understand format.

Drive City Revenue

Every business has a story. Promoting local shopping and tourism helps residents and tourists drive revenue into your city.

Be found – shop local. All businesses in your city are listed within the app, increasing the visibility of local shops, restaurants, events and entertainment, increasing local sales tax dollars.

Get noticed in your community app. By inviting local businesses to participate in a profit-generating mobile and social commerce channel, they can enhance their visibility to residents and visitors. Companies can easily run specials, targeted promotions, ultimately expanding their businesses and your tax dollars.

Promotes tourism and community involvement. HubCiti aggregates and displays all local attractions and events. It showcases what is unique about your city. Adoption programs help consumer understand how spending locally can positively impact the community.

Transform How Your City Operates

Our branded city-wide mobile approach to promoting your city image and coordinating all functions in one all-purpose mobile app.

Works everywhere. Responsive and scales across all devices seamlessly.

Increased engagement and access. Connect with residents using your official mobile app, push notifications, direct outreach, directed two-way communications, and integration with 211 data sources and 311 systems.

Tailored to your needs. The app is tailored to your specific needs. From the look and feel to the information contained within, it is adapted to what is relevant for your community’s needs.

Future proof. The app is easily updated as your needs and city changes.

Service and Support

Need help? We do the initial work to setup and configure your mobile app. We offer online training and documentation on how to maintain it or you can have us do it.

Need analytics? Our products provide a tailored analytics dashboard so you can monitor and measure what is relevant to you and your advertisers.

It's all about connections.

Download the app today.

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