Find Everything. Any Time. Anywhere.

HubCiti is a city-branded, all-purpose mobile app that puts everything in your city in the palm of your hand. Find a restaurant for dinner, locate a roof repair company, and check your child’s after school activity calendar all in one app. HubCiti is here to help you.


What does HubCiti do for communities?

Are you tired of having to go to several different websites or apps to plan an evening? Have you wondered if a local shop carried what you want so you didn’t have to drive so far? Are you turning to your mobile devices to help make informed shopping decisions? Would you like one place to go for everything that is going on in your community? If so, then HubCiti is for you. Not only can it help you become a savvier shopper, it can do so much more for you.

Your City at Your Fingertips

The app contains more than just local businesses. Your entire city will be at your fingertips.

Shop Local. A complete directory of all businesses in your community is included, categorized for easy search and lookup. Shopping at local businesses boosts your city’s economy and supports your community. Join the shop local movement that is sweeping the nation.

Discover Something New. Have you ever wanted to go to a place that is unique to your city but didn’t know where to look? HubCiti is the answer; by listing all the places that make your community special you will enjoy being a tourist in your own town.

Events. The app aggregates several different calendars into one. Finally, you can have a single calendar to help you find events throughout your city.

Outdoors. Parks, lakes, hike & bike trails – you name it, it’s in the app. In fact, hike & bike trails are often split up into difficulty level as well as length so you are never surprised and you get exactly the workout you want.

Everything Local. From local news, to weather to the lowest gas prices in town. HubCiti is your daily companion.

City Services. Do everything from contact your local city councilmember to report a pothole through the app. The city government is now at your fingertips! Get involved.

ALMA™ is a music category that connects musicians with music lovers is coming soon! Stay tuned...

Find a Deal

One of the core uses for the app is to help consumers save money.

Deals everywhere. The app helps put cost-effective shopping at the front of your mind. Between the Deals and Specials pages, you will discover more ways to save money.

Connect with businesses. Businesses can share exclusive deals through the app. They can also create custom AppSites that help give you more information instantly and in the palm of your hand.

Share your finds. Everyone has a social media page these days. Use the app to share great finds on all of your social channels. Connect your friends with great new stores, items, and coupons.

Supporting Education

HubCiti was founded for the purpose of benefiting education. Costs in education continue to increase while funding declines. We believe that education not only improves an individual’s life, but benefits the local community and ultimately all of society. We want to help make the road to higher education easier, more affordable, and available to everyone who wants it.

A portion of the revenue generated from HubCiti is given back to your community in the form of scholarships. Our local scholarship program is based on a simple idea: Leverage our people, technology, and resources to help improve communities through post high school education scholarships. We call this integrated philanthropic approach the 1+1+1=6 model. Together we can make a difference.

Funds generated are controlled by you – you decide how the monies will be dispersed and to what type of programs, including:

  • Trade school scholarships
  • Certificate programs
  • Community college scholarships
  • Traditional four-year university scholarships

Vacations Made Easy

Any visitor to your city can now feel immediately at home.

Find everything - easy. Have you gone to a new town and wondered what there is to do? In just a few short clicks you can locate anything that you want or need.

Plan ahead. In fact, use the app before vacation to help you find hotels, rental cars, and entertainment before you get there.

Your community – Your choice.