Connect. Communicate. Educate.

A community-branded, all-purpose mobile app that connects parents with everything they need and want to know about your community, including its schools. Our app promotes civic-mindedness by putting your school district at the center of the app.


What does HubCiti do for schools?

Mobile apps are changing the way that schools and districts communicate with families, employees and the community. On-the-go adults want access to important information from the mobile phone. HubCiti is a great solution for schools and districts who want a custom mobile app without the headaches and hassles of developing one. When you’re ready to put your school system at the center of your city on mobile, HubCiti is here to help.

Your Story Your Way

Your school district is important to your community. Take control of how the community sees and supports your schools.

Be found by your community. We create tailored content that allows the community to easily find all relevant information – from academic and sports schedules, to lunch menus and bus schedules to forms and information to staff directories – any content that your parents need at their fingertips.

Tailored for you. Your mobile presence will be branded with your school/district’s logo and colors, making it an extension of your school/district’s brand and image.

Create community. The mobile app allows you to quickly and efficiently disseminate information to your entire community at once. A community that supports their schools together, stays together.

You have a partner. You aren’t on your own – we help you every step of the way from creating your mobile presence, to updating it, to promoting it – we are your partner for success.

A Better Way to Build and Maintain Your Presence

Our software and services help you build and maintain a powerful mobile presence, quickly, easily and cost effectively.

Works everywhere. Responsive and scales across all devices seamlessly.

Connects to everything. Easily integrate with your social feeds, forms, calendars, etc.

Promote fundraisers. Through a few clicks, your fundraisers can now be found by everyone in the community, not just the parents of the group sponsoring the event.

Minimal IT requirements. There is nothing for you to install - no special hardware or software. Just access our Administrative panel from any PC with internet access. The point and click interface makes it easy to make changes on the fly.


Use the app to build scholarship dollars for your community.

HubCiti donates. HubCiti donates a portion of revenue generated by the app for post high school education. This can be monies for 2 and 4 year schools to certificate programs - whatever is important to your community.

Your community donates. A portion of the revenue generated by sales of business AppSites inside of the app platform goes to fund scholarships. Businesses are more apt to join the app when they know that part of their money goes to fund the students in their community.

Service and Support

Whether you are looking to get answers to a question or increase revenue through to your businesses, HubCiti can help you.

Real people, real advice. We offer a wide range of services to help you set up, design, and manage your mobile and social presence.

Need help? Let our creative team design and launch your new digital programs.

Too busy? Let our digital experts manage your mobile and social efforts, leaving you to do what you do best, run your school.

Support your schools.